Privacy Policy

This statement describes how we keep consumer information private.

We collect only information that is needed to serve you and administer our business.

We collect‚ retain‚ and utilize information about you to operate our business and to make products‚ services‚ and other opportunities available to you. We obtain information in a variety of ways‚ either from business and personal discussion‚ written information you may provide‚ your experiences with us‚ and other third parties.

In establishing a relationship with Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd.‚ you are asked to share personal information that we can use to help you reach your goals. In the course of that relationship‚ Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. will use the information to assist you in identifying the kinds of services you may want or need. Since the information you share with us is important to you‚ you can expect that we will protect the privacy and use of your non-public personal information‚ such as details about you. We are committed to protecting the privacy of the information we collect‚ use‚ and share about you.

We carefully limit and control the sharing of your information.

Our strict policies for protecting customer information and confidentiality apply equally to active and inactive customers‚ as well as current and former customers.

You can be rest assured that we limit who receives information and what type of information is shared. We share information only for legitimate business purposes‚ with the goal of bringing you greater convenience and more choices.

We are committed to bringing you the services you need to succeed logistically. We will continue to contact you with information of our products and services. You will continue to receive marketing messages via telephone and direct mail offers‚ from us.

Security Measures to Protect Consumers’ Personal Information

All Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. employees are governed by a code of conduct‚ which includes the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of customers’ personal information. Employees are bound by this Privacy Policy and are educated on implementing Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd.’s security principles and practices.

Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. restricts access to your personal information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We also maintain physical‚ electronic‚ and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information.