Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. provides a host of storage and fulfillment solutions, including order fulfillment, cross docking and inventory management. Let us tailor a logistics solution that will meet your needs.

With over 20 years of experience in same-day transportation and logistics services, Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. thinks in terms of minutes, not hours. Whether you are shipping a single time-critical package that just has to get there NOW or have distribution freight requirements, Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. is your transport logistics company of choice. If you own your own fleet to distribute your product, Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. has a fleet outsourcing solution to help you replace your fleet with one of our custom tailored dedicated solutions that will improve service to your customers and relieve your company of the burden and costs of owning a fleet of vehicles.

In addition to our performance and versatility, Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. offers our customers the best shipping services and the highest level of professional customer support, state-of-the-art routing, GPS, scanning and information management technology.

Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. continues to strive to be the leader and set the standard for excellence for the same-day transportation and logistics industry and our customers. We work with small, local companies to Fortune 500 corporations with a national footprint. Our greatest asset is our extensive menu of courier services that allow us to customize our solutions to meet each client's need.

Our transportation logistics companies success is driven by:

Setting the industry standard for innovation of customized same-day solutions
Taking advantage of advances in technology and communications
Measuring our service quality through continuous improvement programs
Our customer centric attitude - minutes not hours mentality

Delivery & Transport Specialists

Through years of experience, Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. has developed industry-specific courier solutions. Have a unique shipping need? Require logistics services support? Emapexpress Delivery Service Ltd. provides delivery specialists that offer a variety of support services for all types of specialized delivery and logistical needs.

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