Welcome to Emapexpress Delivery Service Limited!

Who we are

We are one of the only courier companies that has the ability to work 24/7/365. we utilize state of the art courier dispatch software, which allows our customers to track, order & check up pending deliveries. It will also allow you to view your bill as the month goes on. If requested, proof of deliveries can instantly be faxed, emailed or telephoned to you. it can also be possible for all steps of the delivery process, from order, pickup to delivery!

What we do

We offer on demand same day express delivery or overnight service anywhere in Russia and beyond. We are time critical, dedicated logistic, warehousing and distribution solution.

24/7 Online Service

Schedule a pickup: To facilitate a timely same-day pickup of your shipment, please call us on +7 (0)92 717 0932.

I want to thank you and your staff for the hard work in packing the container. Tell them a special thanks from me. I was a bit nervous that I ordered too much but you guys delivered as expected.

Mr. Rickie Lloyd